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Jerry Baker:
I would like to know what made each of you pick a mustang and the year of the car you did.

My self it was a 1969 Mach 1.
I dont know what made me want it, it was just something I knew I wanted ever since I can remember what a car was.  I guess I was born wanting a 69 mach who knows.

I dont know I guess to me the Mustang was like nothing else. I mean think about it after its birth they classified a group of cars around it  ( Pony cars ) chevy copied it with the camaro.

Its just a great look and a 69 mach is a sweet car.

Ken Moore:
My Uncle had a 65 or 66 with a stick. It allways ran primo. He used to take us to the beach in the summer.

When I was a teenager my neighbor had a 66 pony HP. That thing was real nice. It ran like a top.

Now, a guy at work needed cash so he sold me his 66 for 2g's. The body is straight, interior is clean. But the drive train was neglected. I am in the process of fixing intake manifold leak, carb rebuild, dist r/r, lifter r/r, front end work and rear end work

well it was my wife that wanted a mustang. She saved up 4k for one. We looked and looked and thats when she found her 73 for 4k and with factory Air thay worked great. Her mom was pissed becuase she wanted her to get a toyota. Me I would rather own a mopar like  a 72 cuda... I am trying to get my friend at work to post his 69 mach 1 on here. He totally redone it from ground up.The under carriage is the best I have ever seen.  And yes its bright yellow.

Jerry Baker:
I would like to see his 69 mach.  I hope to have mine done soon, and the under carriage will be the next thing I try to get redone its fair but not great.  Once its done being painted I will post it on here.

If I am not mistaken my stang was biult in Kansas City Kansas not to far from me. I also think it was also a P-51 mustang plant during WWII. Kinda weird


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