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hi my names stephen and im addicted to stangs ;D im currently on my 27 mustang ive had more than years ive been alive :P

i currently have 3 a 65 restomod, 91gt vert(daily driver), and a recently acquired 95GTS. i dont discriminate on what stangs to buy, mainly just look for a solid car if its a project, or a good over all car if its gonna be a driver.

i started my mustang interests with hotwheels the little red 65 vert, was always my favorite, along with the cobra. it followed me into my teens, i bought my first mustang at age 15 it looked just like Glen's car (soaring) car it was a springtime yellow coupe with the exception of 68gt wheels it had an"A" code motor along with a 3spd manual tranny. it never did run i had the dizzy 180 degrees out  :'( but i traded it for a 72 fastback that ran and drove ;D i drove that car through out most of hs.

my current 65 i fell in love with my senior year in hs my collision repair teacher had it, i bought it after i graduated for 5k and been working on it ever since

the 91 i wanted from the teacher also i bought it in 2005 its been my almost completely problem free diver ever since. except for a few occasions like my recent trip to tampa that left me stranded 3 hours from home in daytona beach thanks to a fuel pump failure.

my 95 i saw sitting in a repair lot the other day turned around and negotiated a price and picked it up the next day. its not running. it had a blown motor, i picked up an exploder 5.0(cobra heads and intake stock just the cam and rockers
are different)  i had 2 studs break off in the head when swapping the intakes and its been sitting since. i got a good deal on some afr165 heads along with a cam,rockers pushrods and bolts etc should see this this weekend. im gonna have a buddy pull the gt40sand install the afr/cam etc. im gonna remove the studs and port them out and either use them on my 5.0 or the 65 for a little boost there also.

ive got plans to acquire another mustang svo and a 69 body style car as soon as i get some where to put them. i still live at home and storage is starting to get slim :P

I can imagine your father starting to bish at you for all the cars you have around his house.   ;D

 Are they all sitting outside or taking all the space in your father's garage?  I would love to see a group photo of all the Mustangs you have or had.

sadly no garage :P i wish  i never had that many at the house at 1 time though. we live in an old Victorian home  it was my grandfathers's weve been working on it heres a pic little messy we were rearranging and my brother was washing his car giant lincoln pictured

sadly i dont have pics of all the cars  ive owned :'(

 Nice house. Are you also the owner of that sport bike?


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