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New here from houston the site that Im usually on the server was down so I decided to see what other forums were out there and came across this one but I got a 2003 gt with a vortech on it and 4.10s

We;lcome to the site Blown2V.  I also have an '03, but mine is the Mach1.  I had to have some work done on my 3650 Tremec transmission to allow me to go from 2nd to 3rd in a racing situation.  It simply hit a wall and would not engage.  So, I had a heavy duty clutch installed along with all new heavy duty syncronizers and a short throw shifter.  It slides into 3rd every time now.  That heavy duty clutch plays hell with my left leg in heavy traffic though.  I used to live and work in Alief.  I do not miss the traffic of Houston. 

yeah we got plenty of traffic here plus plenty of nice stangs too

I've been meaning to get down to that Houston show, but just haven't pulled it off yet.  Do you have information on it? 

which show are you talking about cause I know of a few I think cause I get on which is located in katy and we do alot of club events


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