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whats up people?  my name is john,  i have an 89 lx convertible, aod, i just dropped a motor out of the 97 explorer in it,  right now it runs like crap,  but i'll get it going right eventually.  i put 1.7 rockers, 3.55 gear, underdrive pullies, cold air,  flowmaster exhaust with cats because cincinnati used to do the smog crap.  if anyone wants my h pipe,  ill trade ya for a good x pipe or h pipe and some long tubes.  right now the car is actin up.  when driving around,  and i go to speed up,  it starts to hesitate, and stutters.  i replaced the fuel filter so far and still does it,  someone told me to check the maf.  if any of you have any ideas,  let me know,  i need all the help i can get. for which im not mechanically inclined lol.. ;D

Do you know how to clean your MAF?  If not, get back. 

no,  is it easy?

Yes it is.  You just remove your MAF which is located between the air cleaner and the EFI, and use a special spray cleaner you can get from a parts place, then use a cotton swab to clean it.  It will most likely  have all kinds of oil and shit on it that needs to come off.  You will need a special Torx tool to take it off.  Here is where it is located and what it looks like.

if you want a new off road hpipe just take the old hpipe to the scrap man and sell it you will make a few dollars ;D just cut them off the pipe and your golden most cats bring 35-40 so it will pay the cost for the new part since you have 4 there


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