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whats up from cincinnati

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--- Quote from: rmodel65 on July 24, 2008, 04:58:21 AM ---if you want a new off road hpipe just take the old hpipe to the scrap man and sell it you will make a few dollars ;D just cut them off the pipe and your golden most cats bring 35-40 so it will pay the cost for the new part since you have 4 there

--- End quote ---
my bad,, its an on road h pipe,  i only have2 converters.

i cleaned the maf,  it still sux to drive.. im getting more irritated because i havent figured it out.   :-[  i guess ill have to wait til i can afford to get it looked at..   i hate it lol

how does it drive with it disconnected?? and is the air cleaner clean?


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