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what does the H stand for in the vin # in the 1969 mach 1. its the 5th letter/#

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what does the H stand for in the vin #  in the 1969 mach 1's. its the 5th letter/#

have you tried decoding your vin?

yea but it dont say if its a cleavland or a windsor do you know if they made a 351 that wasnt ethier one?

ok the cleveland part of the vin is 32 and windsor dont exist according to a plate decoding site. on the H, should be a 351 2v. are you trying to restore it inside and out bumper to bumper?

well i stand corrected. on the windsor part.

Popular options include the Mach 1 package which was only available as a fastback. The Mach 1 includes premium interior with highback bucket seats, full instrumentation including tach and clock, teakwood trim and Mach 1 identification. The 351 Windsor is the base mill, and anything from the 351 four barrel up to the 428 SCJ is optional. - courtesy of second chance garage


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