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Wow! Beautifull car !!!
You did a great job since the first picture you sent. Is your better halfs interested to show and talk about her Mustang? Is the 429 stock?
Not only you have two 69/70 Mustang Fastbacks in your garage but you are also lucky to have your wife sharing the same passion. We don't see that much. Mine would be happier to drive a Hyundai  :-(

Jerry Baker:
This is true alot of wifes don't care but mine does.  She like for people to look at here car but she don't brag about it and she isnt big on the forums so she is a low key mustang owner.  She lets that 429 do her talking and no the car was a 302 car and the guy I got the car from put the beefed up 429 in it.

Thanks for the nice words and yes it has came along way the next photo will be the hood tach and stripes on it.


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