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Tom991's Early 65
« on: October 08, 2010, 08:09:57 PM »
Hi, Tom here. In 2002 I began looking for a 65 Mustang that had a decent frame and didn't need a lot of body work. In 2003 I saw an ad in Autotrader Classics for a 65 in Littleton, CO. At the time I was living in VA. I called the dealer that was selling it and got some basic info. I had the time so I flew to CO curtesy of the US Air Force and looked at the car.  I found perfect, original frame rails and flood pan, a little rust around the rear fender wells, but not much. The engine started right up. Steering was loose, but the suspension was excellent. Interior was OK. The car turned out to be all original except for the transmission, intake and carb. The VIN stated it was a D code, the data plate said it should have a 4 speed. What was there was a C4 automatic, and a intake with a 2100 carb. The carb and intake were switched from a 4V to a 2V probably to save on gas. Checking the build date on the engine block put it within a week or so that it came off the assembly line...June 6, 1964.  This car lived most of its life in the California desert according to the paperwork I found in the decaying glove box. I am the third owner. Well it took seven years to get her body redone with the rust removed, new metal replaced the rust and new paint covered the entire car.I took the body panels off and took her down to bare metal before the paint and body work just to find out what was under the paint. During this process I got rid of all of the rust and most of the bondo. I rebuilt the motor adding some better than stock parts, new teflon coated pistons, mild Crane cam, redid the heads with hardened seats, larger intake valves, and threaded rocker studs. I found a 4100 4V with the same age as the engine rebuilt it, and a 4V intake with a close casting date, then swapped it out for the Edelbrock Performer 289 intake. What a difference that made.  The engine is putting out as much power as the K code if not more but with hydraulic lifters. My debate now is to go back and find a top loader 4 speed or just enjoy it as an automatic. I have a 5 bolt 4 speed bell housing. The rest of the parts  are available.  My debate now is to go back and find a top loader 4 speed or just enjoy it as an automatic and to add power steering.  I have a 5 bolt 4 speed bell housing. The rest of the parts  are available.   [attachimg=1][attachimg=2]


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Re: Tom991's Early 65
« Reply #1 on: October 09, 2010, 02:49:27 PM »
The D code was a low compression 289, (built before August 1964) but you have upgraded so it is now more like An A or nearing a K code.  You did a beautiful job on the body.  She's a pretty thing.   The transmission thing is an individual preference thing.  Personally, I would have a top loader in it, but that is your decision depending how deep your pockets are. 
Welcome to the site.  It's always a good thing to have new members join in on the fun.   We need as many knowledgable folks like you as we can get.  If you go to the Classic section on here, you will see a FAQ section at the top.  There are a ton of "how to's" etc. there , so use that section as you need.  If you run across articles I don't have there, lay them on me, and I will include them in the FAQ. 


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Re: Tom991's Early 65
« Reply #2 on: November 30, 2010, 05:01:16 PM »
I agree with soaring. I would put the top loader back in. But that is just me. I like original. I like the feel of the shift. Plus, you get a little better gas miliage. Nice Mustang.



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