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The return of my 1969 Mustang


 The good thing about being an active member in online forums is that it gives you a chance to meet people and create relations that could not happen in real life.
 A story like that happened to me and I feel like sharing it to you.
 I sold my 69 Mustang in France in 2001 before I moved to Canada and after some emails exchanged with the new owner during a couple months, we lost contact and I never heard about my favorite car again.
 Then a little while ago, an user Biker (he also owns a Harley Davidson) posted a message in the french section of the site asking help for a technical problem with his Mustang. As the discussion went on, I asked him to post pictures of his Mustang and I can't tell you how happy and surprised I was to discover that his pony was also mine. He is now the second owner since I sold it and the car never left the city I am from.
 The person I sold it to restored it like it should have been done but the paint and side pipes are not really the best choice in my opinion. Luckily, Biker has better taste and plans to return it to how it should have been done.
Here is some pics:


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