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Jerry Baker:
Ok every one.  I know its not a classic and we all know I love the classics but I got me a toy yesterday.

She is a 98 GT,    I got a good deal and I have wanted another one of this body style.

It seems to be in perfect shape. Is it going to stay stock or do you have any plan to modify it?

Jerry Baker:
I have plans thats for sure. Just not sure on the motor part of it yet.  I did add my first mods to it but they dont help it go fast or any thing.

We have been looking for body kits and other items.  I do want to do the underdrive pullys and chips and such but were to start I have no clue.

I will post more more photos of it today, and ya it is in great shape

Ohh very gonna keep it silver or repaint it to a different color??

Jerry Baker:
Thank you and ya I think we are going to stay silver with it


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