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Evening all.

Got a call from my father-in-law this afternoon; he wanted me to help push his Mustang back into the garage.

"What Mustang?" I asked, perplexed.

"The one I just done finished polishing", he replied.

He's 81 years old, by the way, so I had to go easy.

"Is it yours?" I queried, with a hint of scepticism and a muted giggle.

"Aye, tis" he replied, in his brutally Northern accent. "Been gerrin dusty in't garage so we rolled it out and I polished it off good style. Need it shovin back in now"

(still on the phone, here...)

"You. Have. A. Mustang. ?!"

"Aye. Get over and I'll show it yer"

Well, how could I refuse to have a look at this fictional Mustang, and how well he's "polished it off" :D


Well, he kept that a secret.

What a beaut.

He has a Mustang, so I demanded the story behind it.

He bought it in 1978 when he went to buy a new kitchen. A fair alternative I say.

And he's driven it... wait for it... 7000 miles. Seven Thousand Miles.

I took consolation (of my jealousy) from the fact that even with fresh unleaded fuel, it wouldn't start, so I helped him push it back into the garage.

NOW, here's where my membership comes in.

I'm going to get that beast back on the road for him, just so he can see me driving it, but first things first.

I need to know what I'm dealing with, before I start asking questions in the tekky sections.

I know these things:

(1) It's a Ford Mustang (doh!)
(2) Its a 4950cc V8
(3) It's an auto
(4) It's beautifully leathered up inside
(5) It's not done many miles
(6) It was registered Nov 1978
(7) It's not mine
(8 ) Did I say it's beautiful?
(9) It doesn't start.

So, to get me off, can someone tell me exactly what the spec is? (I've seen M2 and U301 mentioned (I think))

Here are a couple of phone pics (sorry for the poor quality)

See you guys later :D


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