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Hey what's up? Just joined, have my car posted, and ready to chat.  I am known as pimpette and my mustang is pimpin.  I was born and raised in LDB and moved to Winnipeg, and then back to the town...Holla back

Hey Janet....welcome to the site.  Which Mustang do you own?  Tell us what upgrades if any you have done. 

Welcome from the Golden State. I will admit I had to look up Lac du Bonnet in my ancient ragged Rand McNally map book. I think there's more people on my block than where you live. Don't pay attention to Glen, he can't read too well. Anyway, welcome again.

 Welcome to the site, I am glad to see a new member from Canada among us. there is not many of us here  :) and don't forget to post photos and descriptions of your Mustang.


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