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1988 Mustang LX 5.0 HO manual coupe all stock original w/ exception of K&N air filter, Magnaflow dual exhaust and a red paint job from the original burgundy red.
Currently looking for a good battery I am thinking of optima 75/35? but need to know if I have to upgrade any wiring etc? or if there is a better model or battery out there?.

The red top Optima are not all they are cracked up to be.  You pay a lot of money for a name.   I have been running with Interstate batteries for many years now and have received great service from them.  I think I have had the Interstate in my 65 for around 15 years now, and it is still strong.  Whenever I store the car for more than a month, I use a small trickle charger to keep the battery fresh.  Whenever the battery reaches optimum charge, the charger shuts off.  They are expensive, but welll worth the money in battery savings. 

 ;D I love the color on the car is pretty  :o

It caught my eye, welcome!

I cant help with batteries.... Im no good with anything electrical in a car. I'm just good at turning wrenches, body work, and washing  ;D

Thanks it caught my eye too thats why i bought her lol, The guy who sold it to me gave me a bunch of stuff too! a spare front bumper,relays,sensors,switches,spare power window motors, + the electrical diagram and schematics right from fords!,chiltons manual,how to tune and modify mustangs,electrical and vaccuum book, the point the guys was really cool! not bad for $3500 CAD! He told me he was done havong fun and he held it for me! it almost sold but he told the guy he was waiting for my responce I had a cheaque ready that night.
I will check out the interstate batteries though thanks for the help folks!,
I love the ricer jokes that stang owners make up, I do plane on buying myself a "IMPORT KILLER" decal for the back and maybe a licence plate cover that reads my car is made with wrenches not chop sticks HA HA.

ahaha I love the wrenches not chop sticks thats too funny.

I call my car the Honda Killer.
My boyfriend drives a honda civic hatch and tell you what, He corners better than me but once we get on a straight shot i down shift and toss dust into eyes.  ;D


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