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Hi All - My husband and I are new to this site.  Back in high school my dad was a plumber and was paid for a job with a 66 Mustang coup with a 65-6 cylinder.   I loved that car.  Ugly green dead paint but it ran and ran.  Drove it thru senior year and college.  It got totaled 2 weeks before my wedding in 1976.  I always swore I'd have another one. 

Got the opporunity one day while scanning the newspaper classifieds.  Was able to buy a 1966 red convertible project car that had a good body, but a cheap paint job.  Completely stripped interior.  However it did have a brand new crated 289 engine.   Sat in our "tent" garage for a few years then we sent it out to be restored.  Outta sight outta mind sorta thing.  But we finally got the call, had to hurry up & build a small garage and in October 07 we got it back!

Well after a long wait I finally have my baby.  It's candy apple red with red & white interior, white top.  Looks perfect as far as I concerned.  My husband did the interior.  Turned out really good for a first timer.  ;D

Someone said recently said to me that mustangs were "chick cars".  Well that's just fine, cause this chick has her car.  I think he was just jealous.   ;)

Mark57 - we're in South Jersey as well. 

 Welcome to the site to you and your husband.
I took the liberty to split your post from here. Your story and car are very interesting and I think they deserve better than being in page 6 of an old discussion :)
 Do you have any photo of the interior? So we can see how good your husband worked ;)

Thanks for the welcome.  Photo's of the interior are next on the list.  Seems like we're always in a hurry to get onto the road instead of photo's.   Will take some soon and post.

Well, if Mustangs are chick cars, then there are a lot of fully haired over males out there with chick cars.   ;D I have always liked red and white together.  I had a 1957 red and white Plymouth convertible and that car was absolutely beautiful.
Glad you finally got back into a classic Mustang.  Keep it mechanically/cosmetically up to date at all times, and that car will be with you the rest of your life.  It is imperative that it shares a spot in the garage. 

Oh you better believe it - it's the only car in the ONE car garage.  I told my husband we should have built a bigger garage when we had the chance.  LOL.


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