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   Hi i'm Jason from Houston Texas! New to this forum and very new to mustangs but I am not afraid to jump in there and get dirty. I recently traded a project motorcycle for a project car, too bad my truck got repo'd so now it's my daily driver. She's ugly as sin and runs like crap but hey, I have always wanted a fox body stang and now I own one!
  I am going to need lots of help and hopefully I will use the search button but I am sure will be many more posts from yours truly, I just hope I can contribute as much as I take from this form someday..

  Some pictures of my 88' the day we traded..

Welcome! What size engine do you have in that stang?

Its not that ugly. I've seen worse.... trust me. I work with a girl who drives a 5.0 and its a fox body. It looks horrible. But its her baby so what ever works for her.

welcome, feel free to post away :)

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