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Hey everyone, Im signed up here but i really havent posted at all so. Im back now, Since i've been getting banned for my age. =( (13)

Im 13, Names Austin, i love Mustangs and Fords, I was recently a Chevy man but that changed when i got to touch a 2004 Brand New Mustang Mystic Cobra.  :D I wish i had a camera in 2004... ::) PM me if you want to know more!

welcome, Austin. :)
 my name is stephen, ive been infatuated with stangs since i had a red hot wheels vert :P
i had my first at 15(65 coupe in springtime yellow) and now my count is up around 27 total stangs since then im 25 now

i love the mystichrom cobras, also a fan of the mystics from 1996

Thanks and wow, Mind giving me my first car?!  ;D Jp/

lol well if you hop on A1A theres a really cool junkyard you can travel too in waycross GA they have a lot of old stangs that would be good starting points

Lol im looking for a 87-93 Notchback or a 2009 Mustang GT. =)


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