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67 Evil Eleanor:
I'm new to this forum and an avid Mustang Enthusiast. I like to restore and/or build both "Concours" and "Restomods" alike. As long as they wear a Pony. I currently have 10 stangs in the barn, 9 classics and one Fox Body. Actually I have been in this hobby for a while and collecting for about 12 years. I often don't have a lot of spare time to work on my cars but when I can't, I enjoy reading the forums, and talking to others with the same interest. This helps me to learn more and maybe pass on some knowledge to others. Well thats about it, see you on the forum. Oh, my current project is a 65 Fastback restomod for my other half. She is calling the shots on this one. A photo of where I'm at with it now.

Hello and welcome to the site.  Did you build your own rotisserie?  Man, you have a lot of classics to deal with.  I have hard enough time dealing with my one.  Post here often to keep us informed with all your projects. 

67 Evil Eleanor:
Yep, it has had about 5 on it so far. It is set up for 65 thru 68 but can easily be modified to fit others. I built it out of some scrap steel I had laying around. The only things I had to buy was one stick of steel and one jack. Total cost $65.00 and a couple of hours time. So far it works great and I can turn the car with one hand. It beats eating dirt and sparks. I soaked the bottom today with brake fluid to try to loosen the undercoat. It has the usual dealer stuff (hard as a rock now) and some other type that was added later. The good thing is it protected  the undercarriage and its in excellent condition. In the next day or so, I'll break out the Landa pressure washer. It runs a water tempature of around 220+ degrees and 3000# of pressure. Enough to melt the old undercoating and some primer too. It works great on these old cars.

 Ten Mustangs collected in 12 years? I would say you are a very busy restorer  :D Don't forget to post photos of your other Mustangs. I would like to see your work.  ;)

You are very lucky to have such a great storage/workshop space and tools. You are exactly right about eating dirt, old paint and undercoating without a rotisserie.  Where do you live?  I travel quite a bit throughout the U.S. and may have an opportunity to stop by and give you my 2C .   ;D


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