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Welcome Ben-dent. You are lucky. Clive Sutton in London is the only distributor in Europe for the Eleanor from Classic Recreations. All you have to do is to save a minimum of 100,000 and it could be yours :D


but i was thinking of something less than 1000 but here is hoping  ??? ???

For less than 1000, you will be lucky to find an used 289 engine alone in the UK but if you do find an extra fastback for this price, let me know and I will bring it to Canada :D

i saw a nice convertible one for 2300 needed a restoration, but it didnt sell, and a guy i kn ow offered 800 for it and the guy bite his arm of at that, so thought i can get a Fastback for about grand i would be laughin i can do all the work myself as i am a mechanic, and i can fabricate panels and the likes,

You can also try to bring on of your Range Rover to Canada, they are very popular here and you might be able to exchange a Range Rover with dents for a Mustang fastback with holes :D


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