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Newbie from OZ

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Thanks for the welcome!!
The car does have the usual rust issues, front floors, lower plenum,corners of doors, bad repair in the trunk,

Nothing that cant be fixed, hopefully one day it will look a bit more like this,

In the meantime l have fun in the wifes daily driver,

66 T-Code, nice cruiser , reliable ,

will keep you posted cheers Ralph

Looks like a nice 6 banger vert your wife has. 

Thanks again Soaring, the wife drives it every day about 20 mile round trip, then 120 or so miles most weekends ( mostly me ha ha ) couple of pics,

never driven a big block, cant wait!! cheers Ralph

That clean 6 banger is perfect for a daily driver.  Your wife has good taste in a daily driver Mustang.  Whenever you step up to big blocks, you are talking about big bucks. 


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