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Newbie from Hungary/Germany:)

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Hey THere, I just recently bought a Ford Mustang GT V8..and I am awfully happy:) it was always my dream car....but I am looking for new ideas, items I can use to tune and personalise my lil baby:)

thoughts are appreciated.....

btw what is the Pitch Circle Size (5*???) in mm/cm ?

Thanks in advance

Welcome to the forum!

Your ride looks good, anything done to it or is it all stock?

Unfortunatelly all stock, but I am planning to do some "crucial" modifications : Engine "tuning" supercharger and so...
and of course some eleonor modding but with my own ideas as well...

:) do you know the size of the pitch circle?

Thx in advance

Oh I so the  love black...hehehe

By pitch circle, do you mean the inches between the lug nuts?


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