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newbie 65 fastback poppy red original less than 100k miles


hi guys,

i just met a woman that claims her dad bought a 65 fastback poppy red when he returned from the war.  it's parked at her mom's house in the back.  original everything except the battery and less than 100k miles.

she said when her dad past away in 2000, someone offered her $11,000 cash.  she refused and he immediately offered $20,000 (in which she again refused).

I told her (the daughter) that they should probably rent a secure storage facility or else put some sort of alarm or security device on it.

can you guys give me a ball park that i can tell her for its value?

i just wanted to help her out to know what a gem she has and so she doesn't get taken by some mechanic or con artist.


(sorry i don't have pix, it's in another state and i barely know this woman)

Am I to understand the car has been sitting outside in the weather since 2000?  The value would depend a great deal on the condition of the body and interior.  Mechanical things are cheap compared to body work.  We really do need some pictures to give you  a more accurate price.  And, it depends on the code of the car.  Look at the 5th digit of the VIN and tell us if it is a "C", "A" or "K" .  What transmission does it have? 

hi, i'll see if i can get a hold of the owner.  thanks for the quick reply.  ed


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