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here is my stang, let me know what you think, 4.6 5 speed, kn filter, cervini front clip dale earnhardt wheels, tinted headlights, the rest is stock

oops forgot, saleen wing

Yeah, the first thing you have to do is have a picture somewhere on your computer.  Then hit reply, then notice "additional options" at the bottom after you have hit reply.   You will then click on Additional Options, then notice the word "Attach"  Hit the browse button and then click on "Open" and the address for the picture will appear in the "Attach" window.   
Then go to the bottom of the page and hit "Post"   

gonna go vortec, with cams, any ideas on other mods

I really like the yellow and red Mustangs the most.  Yours is a head turner.  You also have a "that's mine" car.  That is when you go to the grocery store and park your car, then start walking toward the store and turn around and say to yourself pridefully, "That's mine"  then you have a That's mine car.   ;D  Obviously the Dale Jr. wheels didn't come with that car.  Where did you get them?  I wouldn't add anymore mods unless that bad assed 4.6 isn't setting you far enough back in your seat already.   ;D


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