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new v8 member from the netherlands


67fastback 390:
hey everybody,
my name is roy
newbie from the netherlands with a 67fastback.

my mustang arrived 4 weeks ago in the netherlands.
i bought it from a guy in albuquerque,who restored it.

when the car was delivered a dream come true.i love these cars from the first time i saw one .
they are rare in the netherlands

 i  will post a picture if i figured out  how to post them.

great forum with tons of information

Greeting from Semi-sunny Northern California and welcome. I helped a friend restore a 67 A code Fastback a couple of years back and in his first MCA show he took a "gold" home. Classic Mustangs are getting rare here too so keep it well protected. Just below the message box is a field labeled "Attach:" with a "Browse" feature. I recomend that you use .jpg pictures and size them in your computer to 6 x 8 inches (I don't "think" metric) before posting. Under the "Attach:" is "(more attachments)" and some other instructions.

67fastback 390:
my fastback

67fastback 390:
and a video the previous owner made before i bought the car

That's a good looking Mustang.  Take care of it. 


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