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new up in here, hows it goin?

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my name is josh, i live in tennessee. im married and have a beautiful one year old daughter. mustangs are my passion. ive owned 4 in my life, including a 2001 lightning. ;D
i currently own a 2002 gt. will be installing a kenne bell 2.6 mammoth kit this summer.

Nice looking hotrod.  That Kenne Bell is a great upgrade.  Did you lower the front on that GT?   If so, did it improve the handling? 

hey, thanks man..yeah i actually put lowering springs on and then cut an additonal coil out. it handled great before i cut them more, now i wish i hadnt, because in that picture im riding on 18's, and now im on 17's with drag radials in the back. now i scrape everywhere!, lol. something ill have to fix on down the road.

OK, I was just wondering, because that front end looks way too low. 

yeah, it is too low...but i think it looks for now. looking a qa1 adjustable coil overs all the around, jr megabyte control arms, and a tubular k-member.


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