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hey guys just joined wanted to say hi and try to get some pics of the stang I just bought 1971 mach 1 .the rollback just dropped it off, I'm going to take some pics and post them soon in the meantime wwwaaaaasssssuuuuupppppp.

Welcome to the site Greenketch. I can't wait to see the photos of your car.

thanx for the replys guys  the car itself codes out to be a mach 1 351 2v windsor but the guy that had it b4 the guy I bought it from used to race it apparently so I was wondering if maybe he got hold of a 351 boss and thru it in the car. I'm still trying to get the motor from him. I did not know about the ram air being a an r code? or was it q any way it had stickers on the hood that say 351 ram air  damn aftermarket stuff lol I guess its just a regular mach 1 no worries thats good enuff for me for my first one thnx for all the replys i have some pics but I'm kinda computer illiterate so it won the first round. when the bell rings I will shoot these dam birds flyin round my head and try again.

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I guess you figured out how to add your photos. From what I can see your Mustang doesn't look too bad.
Does it have a lot of rust?

Jerry Baker:
Looks good from whT I seen.   looks like they hit somthing in the center but all that can be fixed.  

Like Thierry said, does it have alot of rust or not.

If they car is a 351 2-V Windsor motor it should have a H in the first few spots in the vin. does it still have the plate in the drivers door?  

But Im with you, the Mach is fine but the 351 boss would be great and even if you get the motor and its not what came out I would still show off the Boss motor in it


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