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hey guys the dents came from when they took the motor out the engine fell on the fender . the front frame rail ends are rusted  so I need to get those fixed .And I need to replace the crossmember
other than that its pretty solid the rear quarters have been replaced the seams need a lil work most of the bad is in the front. nothin a couple of weekends cant fix.all I really need is a motor.
 8(.  still workin on gettin that from the other guy. I have been doing some searching and I cant find any front frame rails just the rear so if any one knows a place i can order some that would be great .

ps thnx for the interest from all who replied this site is great hope to be hear a while.

I have been looking at my catalogs and in different websites but all I could find was front frame extensions for 65 to 70 Mustangs only. Sheet metal is hard to find for 71 to 73 Mustangs but seeing the pictures on the catalog it doesn't seem to complicated for a metal fabricator to reproduce or fix them.
I will keep searching and let you know if I find something.

K.A.R. Auto Group offers complete floor pan kits including front frame rails but for the 71/73 Mustangs they are not available as new parts.
I am affraid you won't be able to find them anywhere. Maybe you can contact them to order used ones or find them somewhere else.

Hi, Greenketch, welcome you and your new ride. Mach1 is a famous car.

One other choice you have is going to visit auto scrap yards. Desert Valley Auto is a good source for rust free parts1


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