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New to the Forum from Washington, but old to Mustangs

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How about we stick to the topic folks. 


--- Quote from: Soaring on January 09, 2010, 10:48:40 PM ---How about we stick to the topic folks.

--- End quote ---

Wow! Interesting! No Hi or Welcome... just being friendly and joking around.. Sorry

It's my job to keep you guys on topic.  We have other sections to bullshit. 

This might be in the wrong spot but if it is Soaring, I guess just delete  because I'm not sure where I can post. 
Anyways I have 3 sons each have a mustang so we are a mustang family. Sometime my wife goes crazy with all the car talk but she a good sport most of the time she will even go to car shows now.... haha

Perfect spot Black.  This is a Mustang discussion site.  You are discussing Mustangs and you have quite an array in your corral.  Beautiful cars.   


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