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1965 Mustang 2+2 289 A code,cobra intake, tri-y headers flowmaster exhaust, 5 speed transmission, 9" rear end,factory front disc brakes and 17" wheels. When I brought this car home, everyone thought I was nuts. It had no motor or tranny. It had a fiberglass front clip and rear fender flares, and everything was wired with one roll of red wire (uuuggg!) and stripped of most anything inside to reduce weight. This ex-drag car ended up being a 5 year project. I did most of the restoration myself, except for the final body prep before the paint. Original color for this car was Prairie Bronze, which my wife vetoed right away. We have an original 64 Fairlane Sport Coupe that color which has been in the family since it was new, and it is not her favorite color! ha ha. First time I saw a 2+2, I was 10 years old. A friend of my father's had just purchased one and brought it over to show him. Guess what color it was? Black... I knew then that some day I wanted a black 1965 2+2

very nice looking stang! When you say you live in washington, do you mean state? If it's washington, you're actually a little bit close to where I live since I live in BC

Yes Washington State

Cool, anywhere near the Canadian border?


Near Spokane... Do you know the Grand National mustang show will be in Bellevue, I hope to make it there this summer?

What side of BC are you on east or west?


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