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For me, one of my favorite times of driving a convertible is a cool brisk sunny morning about 50-60 degrees going into work.  Not much of a better driving experience.  I miss 'em...convertibles, not the work part.

I had an MG midget vert when I was stationed in Alaska back in the 60's.  What a mistake that was.  I had to put on full winter uniform just to drive to the base.  I also had a 1957 red with white interior Plymouth back in the early 60's.  That was my college car.  Since Alaska, I haven't needed or wanted a vert. 

I had 2 '69 Camaro convertibles - both just a blast.  They were just a sewing machine at 70 mph and chick magnets. 
Let's not forget about your boy's chick appeal with his new Mustang! ;D
I give 1 big thumbs up for your son's new blue convertible.

Yea! I think the technology has improved some since the days of MG's and the 60's  haha This car is so tight the side window go down to release cabin pressure opening and closing the doors

hehee.... GREAATTT! chick appeal one more thing to worry about...hahaha

Oh, I'm sure the technology has improved a lot.  I just don't need wind blowing in my hair and face.   ;D


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