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new to the forum and mustangs lol

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hi my name is marco and this my new mustang i have noticed that a lot of things can be made to increase the performance and the look of the car, i don't know if i did fine by putting these 20" wheels instead of the originals any comment is welcom

Hola amigo  :)
Glad to see you managed to sign in in the forum.
I don't think the wheels are that bad but with the stock suspensions the car looks too high and it doesn't look right.
If you lower it a little it would become a nice ride.
Here is a photo of a lowered Mustang with 20 inch rims.

ok looks nice so i need a lowering kit? i will check, also i was thinking of putting the stripes in black color and paint the wheels black also just leave the chrme like it is, what do you think???

i think they look fine and agree with the lowering statement

Lowering kit or not, they both look like kit cars. 


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