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Hi everyone, new to the site. Looking for some place new to hang out every now and then. Ive got a BBF C-6 1980 Fox body screamer. It spends a greater deal of time waiting to be driven, then actually driven. I usually keep quiet but will shout out from time to time, just browsing and reading.

Welcome.  I would suggest you go to the Mustang of the Month section and enter your ride in the contest.  There is nothing more than bragging rights for the winner, but hey, we all want to see the Mustangs on here whether they are finished (yeah right) or not.  Yours seems to be one of the extreme for performance, but there is room for all of them.  Post the pics in the Mustang of the month section. 

are you actually dutch as your name suggests?

nice, thats quite the setup you have there!

No Konrad I am not Dutch, a bit of Sweed, German, xover. I borrow the name from a few race cars my dad drove many years ago. I do see the car of the month is new for June as of today, I will throw a ton up on there.


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