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Hey guys and gals how goes it this morning? Names James and I recently had a running <no smoking knocking or pinging> 1972 Mustang coupe fall into my lap for a $1000 and couldnt pass it up.  New to the restoration experience.  I had always dreamed of a mustang and though this isnt my "dream" year I thought it was a deal I couldnt pass up. Needs a muffler, trunk rusted all to hell,  a small rusted out spot behind the drivers seat and a pinhle gas leak in tank. 351w[attachimg=1][attachimg=2][attachimg=3][attachimg=4][attach=5][attachimg=5][attachimg=6][attachimg=7]

other than some rust, which is normal for a car that old, and a little bit of paint, the car looks like its in relatively good shape. the rust spots shouldnt be that hard to fix, just find some replacement panels.

Buy the whole trunk pan,  and gas tank, then just use some rust inhibitor like "POR 15" on the rest of the trunk.  If you can't put a paint job on it, take it to a pro when you get the money.  The interior can be repaired by you.  Just get the seat foam, seat covers, dash pad if it needs replacing,  etc.  and put them on.  Welcome to the site.

like i said you dont need to do a lot work to it. For the parts you need meaning trunk lid and gas tank, you could try either year one or orginal parts group

Yeah initially Im looking at putting a completely new trun in there, theres another rust spot behind the drivers seat, exaust,  trunk key/latch and going to take the vynal top off getting some rust there too. Curious would a mach hood fit on a 72 coupe?


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