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Yeah, it looks like a Shelby drop and 620 springs on the front.  Lower center of gravity, but hard on the ass when you hit a bump or a pothole.   :o
What other mods have been performed on that puppy?

65/2+2 MUSTANG:
Hello Soaring

Factory 289 w/auto C4
It came with a Holley 600  w/ a Edelbrock aluminum manifold
Ford Racing Valve covers
Edelbrock Performance RPM Aluminum heads
Headman Headers W/Flow master mufflers

Original Pony interior w/dealer installed under dash
A/C unit w/center counsel
Dealer installed Rally Pac
The original color was Honey Gold ( production figures- 63B 2dr Fastback, Luxury (Pony)- 5,776

thanks for looking

Well, it looks like you are going to have some fun driving it.  It's an eye catcher fo sho....


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