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Hello everyone!

I wanted to take a minute to say hello.  And also ask a few questions if I may.   First off my name is Joe, and I am in the market to buy a new (new to me) sports car.  I have been struggling on what to buy.  I have looked at Camaro's,  Firebirds, T/A's and Mustangs.  I have finally decided to go with a Mustang.  There is just something that makes me want one more than the others.  But in deciding to go with a Mustang... it has lead me to even more choices and decisions to make.  So thus I am here hoping to get some good opinions on what to buy, so I may make a well informed buying decision. 

What I am wanting as a end result, is a mustang that will be fun for the street or strip.  And also can be dependable enough to be a daily driver if I chose to do so.  Where my question lyes is what year to buy?   I like them all, but have been leaning towards a 87-93 fox body.  I have also considered the  94-95 with the 5.0.  I have considered going newer then a 95 ,but, I do not know if I would be at a disadvantage with a 4.6L? 
What ever I get I plan on buying and then doing engine upgrades with my son.  So in your opinion for a mustang newby what would be the best year to start with?  Thanks in your help in making my decisions

I own an old '65 with a 289 engine, and it is a fun car to drive, but I also own a 2003 Mach1, and for sheer performance, it is the cat's meow if you can't afford a new Shelby.  I would look at the 2003-2004 GT's, Mach1's and of course the Cobras if I was looking to buy a used Mustang.  The 4.6 engine is a step up from the old 5.0's and are extremely reliable.  The Cobra and the Mach's come with a 32 valve engine that performs extremely well.  They are extremely powerful, but also gas efficient.  These cars can be modded to the hilt if you so desire, and need little maintenance. 

Thanks for the reply Soaring.

A Shelby is a little out of my budget LOL.  But from what I have seen pricing wise on craigs list an 03-04 would be close to what I can spend.  I take your opinion into consideration and start doing a little research on those years. 

Personally I like the 94-98 Models. They just seem smooth to me. I owned a V6 94 and upgraded to my 98 GT. Just because its got a 4.6 in it doesn't mean anything, with the right mods you can slaughter anything.

Fox body mustangs make great father son project cars.. so easy to work on, I have done 2 for my boys. The parts are very available. Like everyone we each have or favorites...hehehe


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