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New member to the forum sayin hello! 66 Black Mustang Coupe

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Hey everyone, I'm Andy. I've had my Stang for about 3 years now and it feels like im barely makin progress! lol its a fun car tho, definately teaches me more and more each day.  ;)

Welcome! your car is beautiful.

I feel the same way about my car. I feel like i'm not getting anywhere with it. But then again i've only had it for 6 months

Hey Andy, Nice looking Mustang, at least yours is not in primer like mine.  ;D The people that take their cars completely apart and take years to complete amaze me. I try to work a little at a time so I can keep driving and enjoying the car, of course at my age I have to enjoy as much time as I can. Welcome to the site.

I am one of those idiots that tore their car apart for years to complete.  I bought my 67 13 years ago.  I drove it about 250 miles before I stripped it down.  Then I got married, had kids, bought and sold 2 houses and moved several other times. And Finally after 13 long years I recently heard the engine fire for the first time, brought tears to my eyes, much like when my kids were born.  I have now racked up a whopping 50 miles on it, just in time to tuck it in for a long Montana winter.  Nice car Andy, enjoy it!


I hope I don't start a color war here. :D


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