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Dr. Feelgood:
I race my stang on the track only.
My brand new challenger is fast to.


--- Quote from: Dr. Feelgood on March 27, 2009, 07:02:19 PM ---I race my stang on the track only.
My brand new challenger is fast to.

--- End quote ---
Yeah, I am envious.  I haven't driven one, but understand by reading about them they are very fast. 

Dr. Feelgood:
Omg, it cant stay my mustang but i can beat mostly anything i come across. with it

I went to the dermotologist on Friday, and was reading a mag that compared the Challenger, Mustang Gt and the new Camaro.  The authors were very impressed with all three even though the Gt had about 100 less horsepower than the CAmaro or the Challenger, it ran in the lower 13's just like the Challenger and Camaro.   That 4.6 winds up a lot faster than the heavy Hemi head and the heavy Chevy.  The Challenger has a wider, longer and heavier body than the other two.  All in all, they rated the Camaro #1, the Mustang Gt as #2 and the Challenger as #3.  Have you guys seen the new Camaro?  It's bad assed looking even though it is a bowtie. 
Take a look.  It takes awhile for the 2nd page to load.  Be patient. Given enough time, Bowties may even start to lool as badassed and Mustangs.   ;D|_2008_Chevy_Retention_|_IMG_2009_Chevy_Camaro_|_2010_Chevy_Camaro_Photo_and_Video_|_2010_camaro_pictures

I was able to actually compare the 10 Mustang, Camaro, and Challenger at the auto show in person. You can see the size/weight difference of the Mustang compared to the monstrous size/weight of the brand Xers. And according to that Motor Trend article the Mustang with only 315hp only lost to the Camaro by .50 sec. that to me is close. And they needed to put 425hp in the Challenger to move it's 4,100lbs.  One thing I always do when I compare any motor vehicle is look at the power to weight ratio.

Glad to see my 3,060lb Mustang with 350 to the tires still smokes em all!


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