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New member, my 410w project pics

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Hi there,
I'm a long time reader, first time poster in this forum. Just wanna show you some pics of my small project  ;)









I have to mail order some more parts to complete my engine buildup, the shipping is my biggest problem, those parts that I already have costed me a fortune to import them to Kuwait  >:(

That's a real nice looking engine so far.  So, you figure your 351 will now be a 410?  Are you a Kuwait citizen? 

yup, am a Kuwaiti citizen and this 351w is bored .040" over and stroked to 410ci.

What year Mustang are you going to put that bad boy in?  Send some pics of your car. 

Its for my 92 hatch mustang, already have 3.73 gears and t5z manal trans (I know I know this kitty cat won't last long with the new engine)



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