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I have been a mustang owner for 8 years now.  Started off at age 16 with a auto. 2001 silver mustang v6.  it became too slow for me so in august '08 i traded it in for a 2004 Sonic Blue Mustang GT 5 speed.  So far mods on the GT include:  cold air intake, off road x-pipe, flowmaster catback, SCT X-CAL 2 tuner, H&R SS springs(no isolators), tokico adjustable d-spec shocks & struts, UPR tubular upper & lower rear control arms, Mach 1 wheels, HID 6000k headlights, Innovate wideband AFR gauge

My Ride:

Welcome to the site.  You have a beautiful Mustang and one that I am sure you get a lot of enjoyment out of driving.  Ford made a good decision to put those MachI wheels on their Machs.  I have the same wheels on my 03 Mach, and I think they will become the classic wheels in the near future. 

welcome. sweet ride. good photo!

Very nice mustang!


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