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Just signed up! Looks like a cool place to be.
  I have a 1969 Mach 1 Drag car. Thinking of selling it though.
  One day I hope to own a 1970 Boss 302. Working my way up
  to one. They are always just out of reach for me.
  Here is a pic. of My ride. If anyone is interested, let me know.
  Should I post in the for sale too?

 Nice Mustang you have there. Of course you can post in the for sale section of the forum but if you don't show your email address only members will be able to contact you. There is also a classified section that can be accessed on the top of the "Mustangs for sale" block on the right. If you want to post there, you will need to register again as the section is powered by a different software. The more viewers you get the more chances you will have to sell it  :D

I don't think I have seen an air induction shaker hood quite like that one.  Tell us about it. 

I bought it in Texas, Brought it home, and did a lot of changing. Has very strong 399 cu. in. cleveland engine. Tubbed & backhalved, full rollcage(12 pt). c6 trans, 4.56 rearend, nodular case. Older paint job is real nice(color sanded and buffed myself), except minor"bubbling" on fiberglass hood. Floors are good shape. Would make nice pro streeter too. Have all original mach interior for it.
 Car was originally Indian Fire Red, w/ blacked out hood. Black interior.
Runs real low 11's, capable of high tens easily. (fun straight ride!)Real head turner.
                        That's the basics, have tons more info if interested

Why are you thinking of selling it?  Sounds like just what you need for a weekend warrior at the track. 


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