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Hey Everyone my names Amanda im from Illinois and I have a 2003 Mach1. The only mod on the car for right now is a C&L intake hoping to make some changes soon. [=1]

Hi Amanda, and welcome to the site.  I also own an 03 Mach 1 that I bought new in 03.  I got the red one, and you obviously got the blue one.   ;D We have a friendly site here, so feel free to join in with the discussions.  We also have a Mustang of the month contest, so enter that beautiful Mach. 

Awesome glad to hear that this site isnt like the other ones I have been to  :).  I will definately enter it in the mustang of the month contest. im liking this site already haha

Welcome from Virginia!  ;D

I have a white 98 mustang GT. (hopefully painting it orange soon)

I Love your car its very pretty  ::)
Cant wait to see what you do to it  :)

thank ya thank ya! Yeah Ill be working full time at the end of July so Ill finally be able to do some stuff to the car haha


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