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--- Quote from: Soaring on January 29, 2010, 05:12:08 PM ---That Cathedral in Koln took centuries to build.  What an amazing building.  Supposedly the three kings are buried in that casket up front.

--- End quote ---

wow great old picture (drawing)
Yeah it amazes me everytime I'm there. It's huge not only in height and everything is build with so much details. hundreds of little statues are covering the whole cathedral.

I heard the story about the three kings here before. but I don't know if it's really true.

The three kings casket  is probably not true, but it makes for a good tourist thing.  It's a beatiful old city though, and I am glad the Americans and Brits didn't bomb that city during WW II.  Especially their ancient buildings.  The Germans tried to bomb the Cathedrals of England during the war, such as the Cathedral that Christopher Wren built, but didn't have success.  Christopher is buried in the basement of his church along with many other kings, etc.  The chhurch is St. Paul's.  If you have an opportunity, you need to visit that church. 

Now that Glen is done frothing at the mouth, welcome, from semi-sunny California.

Frothing at the mouth?   ;D  Have you ever been to Germany Jim?
But, yeah, did I forget to welcome our new Duchlander Mustang 24?  If I did, then welcome to our site our German Mustanger. 

You don't get any "beer" foam on your mouth after hoisting a few? Best beer I've had was in Belgium, but I've also been in France, Scotland, Ireland, Iceland, most of the South American countries and most of the Carribean countries drinking and sailing. Still, there's no place like home.


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