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new member from FRANCE

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my name is pierre and I am 37 years old
I'm fascinated by americaines cars ,I own mustang since ten years
I make dragster race for 3 years with a 1973 plymouth duster.
escuse me for my bad english ;)

Hey Dog, welcome to the site.  I wish my French was as good as your English.  I remember the plymouth Dusters.  Keep in touch, and happy New Year. 

Welcome! I like Soaring said I wish my french was as good as your english. You have come to a good community of stangs and welcome to the family. Stick around, some of us may need your input

thank you for your messages ;)
I used a translator to speak with you. :P
I can read you but not enough good sense to write problem >:(

Yeah it happens. No big deal. Glad you could find a way to post! We are very glad to have you here.  ;D


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