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New Member check out my 03 Mach 1

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Let me know if you like the ponies on the side or not.

That's a nice looking pony you have there.  The ponies on the door are actually nice.

Thanks, I'm getting mixed vibs on the ponies on the side. Some say it looks stupid and some say it looks cool. So I'm trying to get opinions from true mustang lovers.

not a huge fan of the ponies but its your ride

welcome to the forum

If you think they are cool, then fine.  But don't bring that airbrush around my 03 Mach one.  I think it looks really retarded.  Spend your money on something that will make the car perform better, and not silly things like this.  And, while we are at it, I don't like your wheels and tires either.  You asked for an opinion, you got it.   ;D


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