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Hey everyone I'm new on here and hoping for help on things and not people who just want to mess with me for my age. I'm 17 and i don't know much about cars just enough to get by. I have a 88 T-bird with a 5.0 H.O that i bought for 200. The only mods are BBk cold air intake and GT-40 Heads. I realize this is a site for mustang owners but I'm looking for a shell to swap my motor into. this is my 3rd car. i had a 89 mustang 5-speed 2.3 but wasnt fast enough so i sold it. then bought a 91 Talon TSI but wasn't the same as a Stang.

anyway sorry for the long introduction but i look forward to your guys input and help

Hey Samsung......welcome to our site.  There aren't very many fox bodies for sale on here for two reasons.  There aren't many Mustang owners willing to sell their babies, and the Fox bodies are generally scarce throughout the country.  My advice would be to check with the Craig's list in your area, and even Ebay.  Maybe even a local junk yard. 

Thanks alot soaring and yea i found a 89 hatch with t-tops for 500. whats you opinion on that. its auto. Also forgot to mention my names Josh.

Thanks for being friendly

If you got it for $500 it is probably in pretty bad shape.  Tell us about it. 

I havent bought it yet and I'm working on pics now for you to see.

also is there a difference between an 88 thunderbird 5.0 H.O and a mustang 5.0 H.O?

If so what differences?

also does it have lifters or rockers?


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