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Hey guys, Names Devon. I am currently stationed in Washington living in Port Orchard. Bought a 98 GT last year and since I have owned it I have put 6,000 miles this year on it. In the next few weeks I will be putting new tires on it. It runs great the only issue with it is  squeals.  I checked the belt and it is in good condition with plenty of tension. If you are standing in front of it, it is coming from the left side of the motor. I have replaced my tensioner pulley, idler pulley and it still does it so all that is left is the pulley for my ac. But other than that the stang is running good. Big Ford fan.

First of all, welcome to the site.  Pull up a chair and stay for awhile.  Can you decifer if the squeal is coming from the belt itself, or maybe from one of the pulleys?  If it squeals most of the time then it is a pulley.  If it only squeals when you crank her up and goose it, then it would be the belt.  You can buy a belt dressing in a spray can at just about any auto parts store.  Get a can of that, start the engine , then stand back and spray the underside of the belt.  That will stop it if it is the belt.  If it is a pulley, then most likely the bearing in the pulley has gone south and the pulley needs to be replaced.  Let us know. 

Thanks for the welcome, I don't think it's the belt but I will try would you said with that can. I just don't think it's a belt cause my wife use to have a civic and I remember when the belt went out on that it would squeal when it first turned on then it would get better as it warmed up. Mine is a constant squeal, some days are better than others. The weird thing is auto zone said they don't carry a ac pulley for my car, They said it's either the clutch for the unit or my compressor.

Nah, don't waste your money on the belt dressing  if it is the AC clutch/pulley.  That is a part you may have to get directly from a Ford house in the parts department.  They  may even have to order it for you.  Fortunately, it doesn't require you open up the system, so it is a fairly easy installation. 

Thanks, I will have to do some reading on the replacing a ac clutch, never have attempted something like that. Thanks guys.


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