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i am new here... have had my 67 coup for about seven years now and i am finally at the point where i am able to get something accomplished...

here is a pic.(my starting point)

What do you mean startring point?  That car is beautiful and ready to be driven right now. 

right now the body is at the body shop and i am getting ready to rebuild the motor and re cover the interior...
when i took it apart it had signifacant rott where the bumper brackets bolt to the frame..and the driver floor was starting to get weak....(cowel caps i am guessing)...funny thing though...the rest of the frame looks great..i dunno

anyways with alot of wheeling and dealing i have it getting stripped down to bare metal and all the rust getting taken care of and painted..still have'nt decided on a color though...

just got a johns mustang front drum to disc conversion and a grab a trac suspension for cheap...(guy bought it and decided he should sell his car before installing this stuff)

i am looking realistically at it being completed by next sooner and probably later

Yeah, that rust shit is a bummer.  I had a small amount on mine when I had the body re-done.  It was at the usual places like the bottom front of each door and the rear quarter panels.  The rest was rust free.  Fortunately, my cowls are good to go.  It was a west Texas car, so spent most of its' life in the desert.  As far as color goes, I wrestled with that decision for awhile, but then finally decided to stick with the original Springtime yellow.  If you are married, have your wife make the choice of color.  I have always maintained that a color is not going to make the car run any faster, and by having the wife make the choice, you are including her in some of the decision making so that later down the line when you want a new LaCarra steering wheel, she will allow you to get it.   ;D


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