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New Here from Virginia

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I have a 2005 Mustang GT (Mineral Grey)

Current Mods -
JLT II CAI (BamaChips 93 Tune)
Steeda UDP's
Steeda CMDP
JBA Long Tube Headers
JBA Catted X-pipe
FRPP GTA Mufflers
Spyder Aluminum DS
TCI Super Street Fighter 3500 Converter
CHE Lower Control Arm
Steeda Adj UCA
275/50x17 M&H Drag Radials

Best 1/4 Mile Time to date is 12.299 @ 110.06 MPH

Here is a pic under the hood

Here is a couple more of the girl

Nice looking gir.....err...Mustang.   ;D  Welcome to the site. 

welcome :)

I'm from Virginia too! (nice car by the way)
What part may i ask?

Dr. Feelgood:
Hey, we live kinda close i will meet you so where to check out each others cars. Maybe even race.


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