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whats up guys, im new here but have been on other mustang forums. ive got a 66 coupe that im doing the i6-v8 swap.. currently buying parts, its not all that easy being 15 and on a 7.25 salary lol. im not new to cars as i race stock cars

Hey Racin66, welcome to the site.  We have a ton of information and how-to's regarding the I6 to V8 swap on your 66 in case you get stuck and need some information.  The best advice I can give you is to take it slow and not get in a hurry to finish.  Think out each step carefully before venturing onto the next step. 
Do you have a  particular V8 engine in mind? 

 Welcome Racin66coupe. If you have any question about this conversion, post away, I am sure someone here will have the right answer. If you want to tell what you have already done we are also all interested to read you  :)

What is up man, it is good to hear that someone is startng early on getting that master piece. Keep it up and get some pics on here so we can see her when you can


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