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Hey guy's, new to this forum and to mustang ownership in general. My dad gave me his 91 LX 5.0 convertible. 76K origional miles and in fantastic shape. He also has a fully restored 66 GT that's really sweet! Anyway, I'll be looking for some advice on some upgrades to this kinda docile stang. Will be installing 3.73 gears very soon to "wake it up" a bit, but also will add long tube headers. Next I'd like to do the intake/throttle body upgrade. Any info or suggestions will be greatly appreciated on these upgrades and tuning for them. I'll get a pic posted soon i hope.


Welcome to the site.  Ask away.  Most of us can give you advice on your 66, but advice is also available on your 4.6. 

Well, the 66 is my dad's, so that's up to him, and mine is a 5.0 1991 LX, but any info will be most appreciated! Looking to do some engine upgrades (performance wise).

The first thing I would suggest is to upgrade those pansy 4 bolt wheels to 5 bolt.  We already have a thread regarding that upgrade.  Check it out.  Regarding performance, change out the rear gears.  Tell us what tranny you have. 

That's for sure! I already printed the post you sent re the change out of the 4-5 lugs. Long tube headers w/complete exhaust system are on order from Summit. Mine has the automatic trans. Later this summer I'll be installing 3.73 gears w/limited slip into the rear. Looking for a matched setup of intake/throttle body/MAS/cold air intake w/programmer. Any thoughts?


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