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new guy here from va

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2000 gt:
newbie from southwest va here with a 2000 gt,done very small mods to it like chin spoiler,white face guages with hvac guages,lowered .looking to add gears,programmer an nos,heres a few pics of the car

ive got more but couldnt find them

Hey, welcome to the site.  Nice looking GT ya got there.  Now, this is just me, and not at all meant to diss your car, but white gauges remind me of Dodges.   ;D  I do like the stance though.  What did you do to lower it?

2000 gt:
well im a big dodge fan so im ok with that  lol    i know alot of ppl dont like cuttin spring but i did but i had to raise the back up because of the roads here an draggin was gettin to me,but i left the insulators off the back an cut the front 1 1/2 coils with the insulators,no loose of ride my 255/45s goin on the front an the 255s or 275s goin on the back,an my stance will look ok then.i just really like the black an red theme

You did a quality job of putting the gauges in.  What engine, tranny and gears do you have on that 4.6 and 3650 tranny? I gave my nephew a 2002 GT but didn't add any upgrades until he learned to drive it properly.  I need to take him to a track and teach him how to race it. 

2000 gt:
this thing is bone stock gears and all.when i got the car the mufflers was cut off of it,so id like to get a x pipe an some mufflers for it..i diss like the sunroof it has but its kinda nice on the warm nights without draining my gas tank with the a/c on


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